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Join our Affiliate Program and start earning money for every sale you send our way! Simply create your account, place your linking code into your website and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers.

MyeBookHub’s Affiliate programme provides website or blog, even social media account owners, with the prospect of referring potential customers to www.myebookhub.com and earning money from every product sale (eBooks) or service.

We sell eBooks of any kind, on diverse topics and interests, and by both renowned and new authors, and also, audiobooks, videos, eNewspapers, and eServices.

We pay our affiliates 10% on each sale and all payouts are done via PayPal, Bank Transfer and Wire Transfer. That means on a $100 purchase, you receive $10.

However, if you can make more than $300 worth of sales per month then we shall give you a special commission rate of 15%, and if you can make more than $600 worth of sales, or if we get more than 5,000 valid clicks from you per month, we shall give you 20% on any sales you make that month.

The commission is paid within the 24hours after you have made a request for your commission, once you have earned $50 or more in commission. If not, the commission will continue to accumulate and will be paid once you have reached $50.

Note: The $50 minimum payout is for vendors who chose to be paid via PayPal and Nigerians who chose to be paid via their local banks (Naira dominated). While the minimum payout for Vendors who chose to be paid via Wire Transfer is $100.

Warning: Our system can easily detect fraud clicks. If you click our products via your affiliate link by yourself or you pay others to do so, we shall disapprove you as our affiliate.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Sign up for an Affiliate Account at www.affiliate.myebookhub.com.

Step 2: After you log into your Affiliate Account, go to the “Banners/Links” menu page to get affiliate linking code/banner that you can put on your site to send traffic.

Step 3: Place the affiliate link or banner on your site.

Step 4: When visitors are referred to www.myebookhub.com and they make a purchase, you (the referrer) earn 10% commission of the total sale value, or 20% and 25% respectively, if you meet the targeted sales. You can track all referrals and sales from your referrals via the Stats Menu of your Affiliate Dashboard.

Step 5: The commission is paid as at when you requested for your commission, given that you have earned $50 or more in commission. If not, the commission will continue to accumulate and will be paid once you have reached $50.

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