Looking Ahead MyeBookHub 2019

Looking Ahead: MyeBookHub In 2019

by MyeBookHub in Blog, Features on January 2, 2019

LAST week we took a look back at 2018 and how the year treated everyone here at MyeBookHub. It’s been a truly remarkable year for us, with the upgrade of the Platform and the introduction of more features that promise better experiences for our esteemed users, and improved sales for our Vendors.

Shop Maintenance Fee Plans, a yearly token to be paid by Vendors on the Platform, was also introduced. This led to the revocation of the products of Vendors who did not comply with the development by subscribing to a plan before the expiration of the deadline – December 31st, 2018.

This, however, came with a big bang! Unlike before when we did charge 30% on every sale made by Vendors on Platform, we now charge varied commissions (between 10% and 30%), which enables Vendors to make more proceeds from their products.

But don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Our API Gets Better

Posts like this can be tricky. I can’t give away everything we’ve got planned for the year. We’re a business. We can’t over promise and we have to be realistic. So when I say that we have big plans for our Commissions in 2019, I say that as someone who knows what we want to achieve.

Our hopes are high that we’ll introduce an entire range of improvements thanks to our publishing API in 2019. Will, we hit all of those goals? I think so. But there are no guarantees.

Here is what I can say:

We’re going to build on the improvements you see on MyeBookHub.

You might have already noticed the huge improvements on our Platform, starting from the homepage. We’ll continue to build on these to ensure improved experiences and seamless usage of the Platform for both the buyers and the sellers.

We’ll introduce a number of improvements for Vendors. I know, kind of vague. But rest assured, as these changes begin to roll out in the coming months, we’ll spend plenty of time talking about them.

Transactions Alert

If you’ve made some sales on MyeBookHub, you would have noticed the speedy automated email notification in your inbox. This tool makes it easy to monitor activities on your account and products, curb fraud, and further build your trust in the Platform.

So in 2019, we’ll be introducing Text Message Notification, as we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a better idea to just update you on the activities on your account on the go.

Who Doesn’t Love Prizes?

MyeBookHub’s marketing team loves to run contests and prize giveaways. Seriously, you should see how excited some of us get about giving stuff away.

We’ve got a contest in the works for 2019 that’s going to really spark your imagination and offer some amazing prizes. Stay tuned as we work out the details, but I think everyone is going to be really excited about the contests and giveaways we have planned for 2019.

A Refreshed Blog

In the next few weeks, the blog (this blog you’re reading!) will be getting a refresh. You might remember a little over a year ago, the layout changed to the one we’re using currently. We made that change due to compatibility issues with the old theme and some WordPress updates.

But after a lot of consideration and planning, we’re going to do a full update to a modern theme. As a blog reader, you won’t notice any major changes other than a slightly different layout and some new fonts. The content will still be the same.

MyeBookHub Brings You Community – Forum!

Okay, so Forum is maybe nothing crazy and new, but we’re pretty excited to be offering even more help and group discussions to help the users of the Platform, both the internet marketing newbies and the veterans. It is good to note that the need for a Forum on the Platform was noted by one of the newly registered vendors on the Platform, and we considered it expedient to implement. We’ve created this Forum Thread with some workarounds and advice to assist you in publishing and marketing your ebooks and other digital products.

Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same.

So that’s a glimpse of what 2019 is looking like for us. Stick around, there’s, even more, to see in the days to come!

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