Victims of Beliefs


Some say, “Religion is the opium of the people”. To some other people, “religion is opium that pulls by the nose and not by the brain”. This has been the case in Nigeria.

The time has come in Nigeria when writers with sincere hearts are needed; writers who will write without any biases or partisanship but mainly for the purpose of enlightening the people, educating them to think outside the
bombs, guns, massacre, machetes and riots all of which subsist in the name of supporting one religion or another.

I want to commend and also applaud the efforts of the author. He has gone a long way in using his rare talent to reach out to the people in simplicity and to every cadre of the Nigerian populace, most especially our youths. The
strength of this nation lies in our youths, from the upper primary to the higher institution. It is about time we began to correct this “religion thing” in their generation. This book will change their mentality and correct the age-long mindset of intolerance.

I have so much enjoyed this book that I strongly recommend it to people in all facets of life, including school, personal, state and national libraries; mosques, churches, and social clubs. It will help us all to imbibe the right attitudes towards ourselves in the service of the one-and-only God and enjoy living
with one another in the same society.

To the author, I say ‘Kudos’. God Almighty will continue to grant you the wisdom to impact this generation positively as you impart religious tolerance in us all.
Mrs. E.O. Afolabi
(Education Supervisor)
Richmab International
Nursery and Primary School,
Oluyole Estate,
Ibadan, Oyo State.

“It’s a must-read for both Christians and Muslims.”
Alfa Bayo Oni
(Teacher, Cotonou, Benin Republic).

“The overall interest of the writer is to positively influence the generality of human beings.”
Mr. Olalekan Adebisi
(Managing Director)
Lekoy Trust Investment
Company Limited,
Ring Road, Ibadan,
Oyo State.

“It is a classic story that is well woven in smooth, free-flowing prose.”
Mrs. C. E. Adeleke
Richmab International School,
Oluyole Estate, (Ring Road),
Oyo State.

“A qualifying comedy”
Shola Oke
Ogun State.

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