The Vexed God

Every day a soul is lost to the ‘world’ because the ‘called’ are more judgmental than loving. Personal ambitions, careers, marriages, relationships, and individual liberty have been lost to misplaced egoistic realms.

It is more difficult for the normal soul to find a community that grows him. We are all part of the complications.

Is this what God intended?

What is our role in life? Who are the arbiter and the balance? How can marriages become havens of bliss? How can your purpose be purposeful? What do you want from life? What does God wish to ‘whisper’ to you? THE VEXED GOD answers these posers!

Download and read #TheVexedGod to understand deeper realms to this.

Get this must-read eBook, THE VEXED GOD. You must get the eBook and read!

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