Rebellion Is A Need

The very first time your mind battle begins is when you have been revealed to yourself by your personality assessments. Gradually, you begin to understand that the person you thought you are is clearly smaller than who you really are. Most times, it is such a shame to have lived in fear and mediocrity vis-à-vis whom you should have been all the while.

This is when the demons increase their suggestive whispers, reminding you of all the perceptions that had held you bound. You hear words like, ‘You that could not pass a simple exam!’ or ‘You cannot fast for 12 hours. You do not have such stamina.’ You would also hear suggestions like ‘It is not easy to succeed. You cannot succeed in this lifetime. See your family, who has succeeded?‘. The battle to be free is not a simple line of words. It is a battle. A war!

Every night before you sleep, your mind replays all the drama and highlights of your day then judge you against a benchmark. Who sets this benchmark in the first place? I have noticed that we judge our capacity every day based on conclusions we have submitted to. These conclusions have become a subconscious part of our lives and they serve as a modus operandi for how we think and act. We are sentenced to a life of internal judgments. This is the life we live in.

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