Deck The Bed

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Dear friend,

This book, Deck The Bed, contains the bedrock of marital bliss, the sure and fastest way to rekindle your romantic fire, high-level Godly wisdom that will ensure tranquillity in your home and of course a sure way to settling marital crises.

Your marriage was designed to last a lifetime.
Don’t give in to that pressure of separation or divorce.
There is a major rock upon which your marriage can stand and the devil cannot prevail against it.
Are you in search of marital bliss, just turn the pages of this eBook.

You will be glad you did!

Who is this book for?
*People preparing for marriage and want to get it right.
*People who have lost the romance in their marriage and want to get it back.
*People who want to increase their romantic fire.
*People who have strange men and women interfering in their marriages.
*People who want to create a balance between erotic and agape love.
Here is what you will learn:
*How to attain deep connection with your spouse at all times.
*How to operate at full spiritual capacity in your marriage.
*How to enjoy optimum mutual satisfaction on the bed.
*How to generate heat that will power the engine of your marital journey
*How to make strangers irrelevant to your spouse.

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