Big Magic: Making Success in Finances, Business, Life

YOU have heard of the enviable and seemingly unbelievable success records of some people, who are either close to you or far from you! You’ve heard or read about their acclaimed secrets to success! You believe you’ve also toed the line they toed, but you are yet to make the money they have made nor record their level of success! You’ve probably questioned their methods and secrets! You might have also blamed your ‘failure’ in business and finances on the system of government in your country.

Let me break your heart… The secret to success is not written in any book! Whatever you read as the secret to success is what the individual did to record success. Meanwhile, what works for Mr A may not work for Mr B. What you should strive to learn and work with are the PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS! This will help you a great deal! It will practically take you from the realm of a wish to the realm of actualisation. One of the provable principles of success is LUCK (Labouring Under Correct Knowledge). If you can specifically define your goal, start NOW, associated with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, you will find a way to make the long dreamed ENVIABLE SUCCESS IN FINANCES, BUSINESS AND LIFE!”

This bundle of eBooks has been specifically chosen for users that wish to record enviable financial success and run a business that will successfully outlive them. The bundle is valued at 38 but priced at just $14.45. That’s a total savings of more than $23.55!

Included with the bundle are 3 must-read book for whoever long to record good success in finances and business. The eBooks with individual price tags ranging from $9.45 all the way up to $14.45. The extensions included are:
Pathways To Mega Wealth
Making Money Online: The Basics
Reset: How to Make a New Beginning in Business

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