Bible Lessons To Treasure – Vol 1

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This study tool helps Children and young adults go through the Bible in one year from Genesis to Revelation. It affords the opportunity to get familiar with major Bible stories topically. Their young minds are exposed to Bible characters, significant and historic events that anchor our faith in Christ; in an interesting, interactive and intriguing presentation. They also memorize key scriptures as they go along, which is a memory that will last forever!

Comes with games, songs, challenging yet interesting exercises and full illustrations to reflect story being told. Each study has a memory verse which the children found rather interesting and arouses eagerness and a willingness-to-take-a-challenge spirit in them; which is a memory that will last forever!

It establishes the truth in their minds that the Bible is a record of true events. They are introduced to the heroes, the movers and shakers in Bible times. We believe they will become grounded in our Christian Heritage from as early as they can speak their first words.

The stories are well adapted for ease of understanding and practical application to everyday living and events. Instructions in the studies are adapted to their ages and familiar items, songs, examples, and games are used.

Suitable for children ages 2-12. Can be used in Children Bible Study in Churches, Homes, Schools Camps and anywhere children need to be taught the Bible.

52 lessons, so it covers every week in a year!

Presented as a 4 book story, each book containing 13 lessons to cover one quarter of a year.

Stories are adapted to culminate at festive periods for relevance and better understanding! For example, the story of the birth of Jesus begins close to Christmas! But can be read at any time of the year though!

Even the children can just read through themselves!

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