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Growing up in a society that revers accolades, and seeks acceptance, it is almost automatic that we become adults who aspire to make those from whom we seek acceptance, happy and appeal to their sense of peaceable frame of mind. Several adults have tried to come under my umbrella seeking mentoring and guidance. Such individuals, without knowing when they do, seem to wait on my approval before they can move ahead to do what they originally conceived, developed and even believe in.

I personally think this is an anomaly. I am a proponent of the belief that you are your own idealist, executor and finisher. While I take no exception to be guided, mentored and helped, I do not agree with any attempt to coerce, usurp or overwhelm a person from being independent in thoughts, words and actions.

“Many of us seek freedom from mentors under whom we seek to be bound long enough to seek to be free again”- Dr Tylor Ilori

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