eBooks Promotion Strategy for 2021

Best eBook Marketing Strategies You Should Try in 2021 (4)

by MyeBookHub in Blog, Featured Articles on March 1, 2021

As discussed in Part One, Two and Three of this piece, eBooks are one of the best ways you can establish your authority and expertise in any niche and a great source of passive income for you. Encouragingly, it does not cost you much unlike the hardcopy. However, to sell your knowledge and expertise and make your ebook a hit, you’ll need the right marketing strategies in your arsenal.

Read on for Effective eBook Marketing Strategies you’ll want to try in 2021

Offer it for free

An ebook can be a great lead magnet that you can offer for free to get people to sign up for your email list. This way you’d get their contact details first and will be able to nurture and convert them into paying customers later.

An ebook landing page can help you showcase your content and maximize conversions. For best results, consider creating a few chapters as a preview and include reviews from those who’ve already downloaded the ebook.

Giving your ebook away to any important influencers may also help you get more mileage. Or share it with a small group of people for free in exchange for testimonials and reviews that will later help you get more sales.

Offering your ebook for free and nurturing your leads is a long-term strategy but it can lead to great results.

Give a money-back guarantee

There are a few benefits to offering a money-back guarantee. First, people are more likely to want to purchase if they know they can return the product if they’re unhappy. Next, customers who can return the product and get a refund report more satisfaction in their overall experience, so they’re less likely to feel like transacting with your brand was a negative one.

Set a limit for about 7 or 14 days for your money-back guarantee, and state this clearly on your sales pages. Also show customers how they can request a refund if they were unhappy with the ebook, so the process is streamlined and simpler for everyone.

Start promoting your ebook today

An ebook is a great way to not only get passive income but also to get more loyal customers and fans who believe in your authority.

Use the tips above to help you market your ebook in 2021 and beyond, so you can make more sales the productive way.

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