eBooks Promotion Strategy for 2021

Best eBook Marketing Strategies You Should Try in 2021 (3)

by MyeBookHub in Blog, Featured Articles on February 22, 2021

As discussed in Part One and Two of this piece, eBooks are one of the best ways you can establish your authority and expertise in any niche and a great source of passive income for you. Encouragingly, it does not cost you much unlike the hardcopy. However, to sell your knowledge and expertise and make your ebook a hit, you’ll need the right marketing strategies in your arsenal.

Read on for Effective eBook Marketing Strategies you’ll want to try in 2021

Get interviewed

If you can get yourself interviewed on a podcast or online show, that can be great mileage for your ebook. Reach out to publications and creators with a significant following, then offer to appear on the show to teach your expertise.

The topic you talk about on the show ought to relate to the content in your ebook, so viewers and listeners will be enticed to check out your ebook afterwards.

The good thing is that podcast producers often place useful links in their show notes. This can also help your long-term marketing strategy by increasing your website’s authority.

Write guest posts

This is a similar strategy but it’s often easier to achieve, especially if you’re just beginning to build a strong personal brand.

Identify blogs that are popular within your niche and serve the same audience as yours. Go through their previous blog posts and see if there are any gaps within their content that your expertise could help with.

When you find something they may be interested in featuring, prepare an outline, and reach out to their editor. The chances are that if you’re not in a very competitive niche, they’ll be happy to accept your article free of charge. Plus, they’ll most likely promote it to their audience via social media and their newsletter.

This approach may be time-consuming but it has many benefits. It opens you up to new audiences, helps you build your brand, and helps you make important connections within your niche. Plus, the backlinks to your website will improve your domain authority, which in turn will help your SEO efforts.

Run paid ads

If you want to reach a broad audience in the shortest amount of time possible, then you’ll want to look into paid advertising.

Both Facebook and Google Ads offer interesting targeting options that let you reach people by their interests, location, behaviour, the device they’re using, and more.

You can also choose from a range of types of ads, including text ads, display ads, and lead ads.

You’ll see that this strategy is incredibly popular among online marketers. That’s because it’s scalable, measurable, and you don’t need to have an existing audience to get started.

And if you’re using GetResponse, you’ll see that Facebook ads are built-into their platform, so you don’t need to be familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Have a printed version

A printed version of your ebook can cater to a market of readers who prefer physical copies over digital. You don’t need to go all out with mass printing – even a limited edition of a printed version can be a compelling reason for someone to buy.

Consider keeping some physical copies as well to bring around at events you’re invited to speak at or use these as a way to build deeper relationships with other entrepreneurs. Another way to use them is to offer your newsletter subscribers the chance of winning a physical copy of your book in exchange for their engagement.

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