eBooks Promotion Strategy for 2021

Best eBook Marketing Strategies You Should Try in 2021 (2)

by MyeBookHub in Blog, Featured Articles on February 8, 2021

As discussed in Part One of this piece, eBooks are one of the best ways you can establish your authority and expertise in any niche and a great source of passive income for you. Encouragingly, it does not cost you much unlike the hardcopy. However, to sell your knowledge and expertise and make your ebook a hit, you’ll need the right marketing strategies in your arsenal.

Read on for Effective eBook Marketing Strategies you’ll want to try in 2021

Create a video about your ebook

A Wyzowl survey shows that more and more marketers are using video marketing to get more sales for their products each year. 92% of online marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing efforts, while 88% claim that video marketing has created a positive ROI for their business.

When creating a video about your ebook, talk about anything you might mention on your sales page. Use this as a chance to talk all about the main benefits and highlights from your ebook, including what you teach them by the end.

Videos can also be particularly helpful if you’re a first-time writer and haven’t got an established name. By posting your videos on social media, your sales page, email sequence, and in ads, your audience will familiarize themselves better and become more trusting of you.

Partner up and co-promote your ebook

Another great ebook marketing strategy is to find a relevant partner in your niche and join forces with them. Ideally, this would be someone that offers a similar type of service and has an audience that matches yours. There are a few ways you could go about co-promoting your ebook.

The easiest one is to do the so-called lead magnet swap. You promote their ebook to your audience (e.g. via email) and they do the same for your content. Simple, effective, and very quick.

A slightly more complicated approach is to write the ebook together with your partner. You could agree to write half of the ebook each or have them write only a chapter or two. The challenging part is getting the tone and content quality right.

Naturally, in the latter scenario, you could even partner up with more than one brand. It makes the creation process a bit more complicated but having a few well-known brands on your cover will give you credibility. And that, in turn, will make the ebook marketing process simpler.

Build anticipation with a pre-launch

A pre-launch can help build hype by sharing sneak peeks and snippets while your ebook is in production. You can even offer a special pre-launch discount for anyone who orders the ebook in advance.

In your pre-launch, include mockups and snippets of your ebook. This way, you can build excitement around what’s coming, and how readers will get a load of new insights and ideas from your book.

All you need to do is set up a landing page (ideally under the same URL you’ll use later on to sell the ebook), communicate all the benefits of buying your book ahead of time, and start promoting it in your newsletter, social media, and ads. You can as well discuss with the marketplace you plan to use for the sales of your ebook if they have a provision for “pre-launch” or “coming soon”

Optimize your ebook for the search engines

You’ll want your ebook to get discovered organically, whether a user searches on an online store like MyeBookHub or Amazon or a search engine like Google. Because of this, you’ll want to optimize your ebook for SEO.

Include the right keywords in your title, meta-title, image ALT texts, and book description so users know that your ebook is something they’re looking for.

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