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MyeBookHub is a fully-featured, automated and secured eBook Marketplace, where authors/publishers can own their shops and sell eBooks, among other digital products to an audience of customers near and far. It’s loaded with features that make using the website easy, fast, smart and secured. MyeBookHub is currently the Google’s #1 Fully-Featured eBook Marketplace. It is a fast-growing specialist eBook marketplace.

Buyers can download eBooks to computers, dedicated ebook devices, PDAs and mobile phones.

What’s Different about MyeBookHub
We love books. Whether in digital or paper form, we believe that books are a fundamental part of our cultural, entertainment and educational lives. Our roots are in book publishing and selling, not in technology, so we’re always focused on what readers want, rather than coming up with complicated technical stuff that gets in the way of finding and reading the books you want.

A Broad Range
MyeBookHub Marketplace stocks all the latest bestselling and new release titles, which are streamed directly to us by leading publishers who are authors on our marketplace. But that’s not all. We also offer a huge selection of professional and technical eBooks and a wide range of academic and scholarly titles.

Popular consumer eBooks
Professional and technical eBooks
Academic and scholarly eBooks
Online and Offline Access

When you buy an eBook from MyeBookHub Marketplace, you can download the whole book (just as you can from our competitors). So, if you’re at home and want to refer to a book that you downloaded to your work computer, you can.

Selling on MyeBookHub Marketplace
To become a Vendor and sell on MyeBookHub Marketplace, simply sign up as Vendor, then Subscribe to a Store Maintenance Package, then start uploading your eBooks or any other eProducts or eServices. Then, set your price, and start promoting the link to your store on our marketplace.

As with printed books, book publishers set the prices for ebooks. In general, most eBooks are priced at something less than the equivalent printed version. We charge between 30 and 15 per cent commission (depending on the Store Maintenance Package you subscribed to) on every sales made on our platform. This is far lesser than the charges most of our competitors charge.

Shopping at MyeBookHub Marketplace
We’re trying to make your search-and-buy experience as simple and easy as possible. Please tell us if we get it wrong or make things difficult.

Opening an Account
You’ll need to establish an account, by signing up as Vendor before you can sell eBooks or any digital Products on MyeBookHub Marketplace. But you can buy eBooks without establishing an account, though you would not get the goodies attached with signing up before buying. Such goodies include getting points for signing up and buying on MyeBookHub Marketplace. The points can be translated into money, which you can spend on the marketplace.

Payment Methods
We accept:

Email Alerts
All actions around the website are backed up by an email notification. MyeBookHub Marketplace affords users, the buyers and the sellers, the chance to monitor the activities on their accounts. Vendors/Shop owners receive messages when any of their products are sold, so also buyers receive a message for their transactions.

Leave it to us to keep you on top of things. Sign up for email alerts in any subject or discipline, and we’ll send you an email alert when new eBooks come out in your field. On average, you’ll receive an alert once a week for popular subjects (like fiction and biography) and less frequently for other subjects.

It’s easy to manage your subscriptions, simply by clicking on a link within each email message or logging in to your account at MyeBookHub Marketplace. click on Modify My Email Alert Subscriptions.

My Wish List
Here’s a simple way to keep track of your wish list. Any time you see a title you’d like to read, just drop it into the wish list and we’ll remember it for you. It only takes one click to flip an item from your wish list to your shopping cart.

Gift Certificates
What a great way to give the gift of reading. You can give an eBook certificate for any amount from $10 to $100 simply by going to our Gift Certificate page and following the simple steps.

Returns Policy
As it is not possible to “return” an ebook in the same way that books can be returned in printed form, we are not able to accept returns. This is a condition of our agreement with book publishers. If there is an error on our part or a flaw in the ebook you received, please contact our support team via flag@myebookhub.com and advise them. They’ll sort it out.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Please view our privacy policy and if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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