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5 Inspirational Sources Of Book Writing Ideas

by MyeBookHub in Blog, Features on September 13, 2019

Coming up with the right book ideas could be a herculean task for a writer irrespective of his level of experience in the art of writing.

However, there are many conduits through which a writer could find and cultivate the story ideas that have the potential to turn into a book idea (or best seller) he is passionate about writing. For some, it is through history or current events, while for others, ideas come via passion, indignation, myths, personal and third party experiences, songs and legends, among others.

In case you are seeking potential fantastic book ideas, and ways to find inspiration for your writing process, when you’re lacking motivation, try the following five sources of inspiration:

Experiences: Personal and third-party experiences are a sure way to get good inspiration for your book writing project.

In this light, you could write about your most pleasant and upsetting experiences. I could write endlessly about how to start a business without a dime because started my business as such. Consequently, I care so much about this topic and I want to help others hit the ground running in their entrepreneurial journey in spite of their financial incapacity. What gets you or other people most heated or excited? Consider that topic and write about it without any creative restraints whatsoever.

Another way to get books goos ideas from personal or third-party experience is by doing something remarkable, then write about it. Imagine the story you could tell if you made a million subscribers on your YouTube Channel thereby earning Google special recognition and reward. However, there are still many smaller-scale remarkable endeavours that you could do, that’d be worth writing about.

Experiment: Who said books have to be comprised solely of text? You can write a book that leans on photographs, GIFs, video clips, sketches and cartoons, among other creative content mediums. Making your eBook a complete multimedia experience alone would distinguish your book idea from the rest of the crowd, and in turns earn you more patronage and better returns.

If you are someone who sticks to a similar routine every day, you can simply challenge yourself to make a drastic change to this and observe how your daily life changes. Try new methods of doing things you do regularly, take note of your experiences with each of them, then compare the experiences and the results. If you have a thirst for knowledge, spend a period of time experimenting with a wide range of transformative courses. Then, wrote about how you feel after a period of study. This would, no doubt, enable you to discover a new interest that may fuel a future book idea?

You can as well deliberately do without an essential part of your daily life. You can, for instance, wean yourself off social media for a period, then write about your feelings and how you have managed while not using social media. Reactions of your friends and followers to your absence on social media and what you replaced that time with would form interesting parts of your book.

With this, you would be the subject of your own documentary, while your book would be the lab results.

Research: Choose a topic that is strange to your knowledge and challenge yourself to write 1,500 words about. If that piques your interest, continue to research and examine whether or not this could be a sustainable book idea for you. You may interestingly find yourself fascinated by something you’ve never explored before and who knows, maybe your research could even lead you to a new fascination and eventually plant the seed for you or readers of the book to start a business around the topic.

You could research and write about: a family, religion, belief’s history and origin.

Social history is the study of the lives of ordinary people in the past. Humanity is intrigued by the lives of others, even people as ordinary as themselves. Even if the family, religion or belief you researched lacks interesting stories, and you are unable to uncover any fascinating chunks of information about it, you will, at least, have the captive a particular audience for your work. The size of your potential readership will grow if you uncover something truly sensational about your research subject.

Human’s needs are insatiable, hence you could identify a need and research on it. Think about any possible gaps in the market where you can share your knowledge. Think about something you’ve always wanted to learn more about, but you can’t ever seem to find much reliable information on. Think about a book you wish had been available. These are good book ideas for you. Summon the courage to blaze a trail and become the person who writes the book you’ve been seeking.

Introspective Thought and Analysis: This is yet another good book writing idea. You can simply think about yourself, belief, happenings around (both to you and other people and things), which would no doubt lead to some unbelievable revelations that are capable of enlightening and helping others, wk may be or might have been in the condition you examined.

Therefore, you can write aboutindication biggest failure or success you or others have made. There is no gainsaying the fact that most successful people have experienced frequent failures on the path to their eventual success. They have considered these downfalls as learning alternatives. In fact, writing about your “darkest days” could be a cathartic experience, lending you the chance to delve into your inner self. Let your writing focus on giving potential remedies (if you’ve got that far) or on how others could avoid these same failures, and you could quickly attract a loyal readership seeking to learn from you.

Retrospecting on your biggest regret could also inspire you to write. Every human being shall regret every of his/her action. They regret decisions not made, the ones not made well, or the ones not made n time. Dealing with your biggest regrets provide you with an opportunity to move forward, and is such an exciting book idea that others will identify with on a profound level.

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